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Why People Procrastinate

Could this be you?


The list of reasons could endless …… but there are some common reasons why people procrastinate.   Lets look at them:


Incorrect or improper priorities – Often people will do tasks that are more interesting, more convenient or easy to do when they should be working on what's important not just what's possible.   They are strictly striving to get it “checked off the ‘to do' list”.   You need to set priorities and stick to them.


Lack of focus – This is slightly different than the above.   This is where distractions and other work keep you from staying focused.   Stick to one thing at a time – don't become a “pinball machine” …. bouncing from one task to the other.    Finish one task at a time.   This might require you to tell yourself to “stop” when you want to jump to the next thing before finishing the thing on which you are currently working.


It is “All or nothing” thinking – Sometime getting it “all” done can stall you.   Wait a minute … didn't she just say to complete a task?   Yes, I did …… the smaller tasks should be completed before moving on to the next.   If, however, you have a HUGE project you many never get started unless you break it down into manageable steps.   And it is those individual manageable steps that need to be focused on (see above).


Perfectionism – Just another word for Procrastination.   If you think you have to do “it” perfectly you may never get started.   Do “it” the best you can – perfection does NOT exist.   Just “do it” …….. you will be pleased with accomplishing something!


Multiple “To Do” Lists – While having a “to do” is a powerful tool to effectiveness …. having several is NOT.   Keep ONE list.   And DAILY prioritize what is on that list so that you get the most important items accomplished first.   The “game “ is not to get the most items off the “to do” list it is to get the most IMPORTANT items off the “to do” list.


Fear of Failing – It is very important that you identify what you are fearful of at (yes, I know that is bad use of the English language …. and you get the point).   Identify your fears ……AND MOVE ON ANYWAY!   Remember, if you don't move you will never KNOW if you could SUCCEED …….. yes, succeed IS an option ……… a VERY viable one!


Look at what you do, and how you do it.   Do any of the above statements make you feel at least a little uncomfortable?   GREAT!   Then you have a place to begin.   Now, JUST GO OUT AND DO IT!   And, congratulations on getting started.


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