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I just want to take a minute and thank you for all the help in the last two years.  You have kept me on track with the major projects that I needed to get accomplished.  Your organizational skills that have been implemented into my work space have helped me to stay focused on the tasks at hand thus making my work time more productive.  In my industry time management is of extreme importance due to the constant deadlines that I am under and with your help I feel that I have been able to meet these.  I am looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship.

Marge Nogosek, President

Cedar Mortgage Company, Inc.

I feel more organized and, therefore, energized every week.   I have a new mindset that whenever I find a “mess”, take the time to organize it or eliminate it.   My reading pile is in files or gone, I have a time management matrix to set and communicate my scheduling priorities for the year, all e-mail addresses have been organized in our contact management database, and I can go on.   On the home front, I have cataloged over 15 hours of video tape and 30 rolls of pictures, reading materials have been eliminated except for a few good books, and my kids toys are in colored bins and he is learning to pick up after himself.   Thanks for the great help!

- Paul King, Owner
King Wealth Planning, Inc


If you are like me and the clutter and disorganization of your office is making you frustrated and feeling stressed, you need Lynn!  I have appreciated Lynn's sound organizing strategies, her professionalism and her prudent use of consultation time.  Lynn is a delight to work with and I could not have organized my office as well or as fast without her!

- Christine Hayashi, DDS, MS

Forest Periodontics

Lynn Gross-Cerf has a unique and successful system for assisting individuals and teams become more effective and better organized to meet and exceed goals.   She has been a tremendous asset.

- Dave Eastis, VP of Developmentr

She understood my personal limitations and helped me to set reasonable expectations.   I call her my Rah Rah Girl.   She gets me going and then congratulates me for my success.   As a self-employed individual I sometimes feel like I am chasing my tail.   What Lynn 's organizational skills does for me is that she forces me to look at what I am doing and how I am spending my time.

- Debra "Debby" Moore, CMC
Certified Mortgage Consutant

Cedar Mortgage

While I don't completely follow EVERY piece of advice that you taught me, I use a lot of what you instilled upon me.   The key is to pay attention to the manner in which I operate / process information and set up the foundation of my office system.   The main thing is to slow down, and actually UTILIZE the system!!! Thanks for helping me!

- Jill Arnone, Owner
The Arnone Group

Lynn Gross-Cerf has been an asset to my entire department.  We found ourselves overwhelmed with the need to consolidate information and get better organized prior to installing a very large electronic filing system.  There are a number of various sections within the department, and each has its own unique filing requirements and retention schedules.  At our annual retreat, Lynn not only helped us understand how we could accomplish our objective, but she provided us with valuable tips and techniques for organizing our desks and files (both paper and electronic.)  As a result of Lynn's creative solutions, we now find ourselves better organized (personally and professionally), and the department now functions in a more effective and efficient manner.  Thank you, Lynn, for your timely guidance and proven solutions.

- Gretchen Connor, Director of Finance & IT

City of Campbell, CA

I certainly enjoyed bringing your organizational seminars to the membership at Courtside Club.  Though I'm no longer working at the club, I enjoy your emails immensely.  The advice is timeless, the reminders are invaluable, but the spirit in which you bring your messages and talents to people like me is uniquely yours, and is in many respects the best gift of all.  I look forward to hearing from you in the new year and look forward to referring your services when I can. 

Marla Griffiths, Former Activities Director

Courtside Athletic Club

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