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Organization ... and MORE! is a customized organizational consulting service that works with Individuals and companies who desire to gain control over their total environment, have peace of mind and enjoy life's gifts.

This is accomplished by providing individualized services to assist you in becoming more productive in various areas of your life; including:

  • Improved daily work flow
  • Document retrieval
  • Increasing cost control
  • Better time management
  • Effective paper management

Organization & More! owner, LYNN GROSS-CERF, has always been "organizationally" inclined and systems oriented -- even from childhood. Lynn is able to utilize her unique talent and creative ability to assist her clients in developing concrete solutions to their organizational challenges.

The extensive education Lynn gained from years of academic training, working in corporate and small business environments and with her many philanthropic endeavors has created a solid business background. Lynn's experience has taught her that with professional assistance you can achieve more peace in your life through organization, thus creating MORE of what YOU want from life.

In addition to her career as an organizational and efficiency consultant, Lynn offers her organizational services to several non-profit organizations. Most of Lynn's personal time is spent enjoying her friends and family -including her "kids" (Lhasa Apso dogs).

What Lynn Believes

I believe that everyone deserves the freedom from a busy stressful life. Better organization results in increased efficiency, improved quality of life and better use of time. I am committed to helping you achieve the quality of life you want and deserve.

Organization.. .and MORE! is for forward thinking people who want to be more productive and who are ready to bring about positive changes in their lives. I derive great personal satisfaction from witnessing transformation in the lives of the people with whom I work. I know I have been successful when the disorganization and related stresses once experienced by my clients are replaced by a growing sense of control over their lives.

As my client, whether an individual or corporation, you will receive my full professional attention so that you can become MORE of what you want to be -- fulfilled, successful and efficient.

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