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Be Aware of the Things You Are Tolerating

They Are "Sapping" Your Energy


This is very timely for me right now – I have been actively working on SEEING (and noticing) thing not just looking at them.


Our lives, both personally and professionally, can become cluttered with things that we tolerate. It may be that door that squeaks every time you enter or exit the room. Or it might be your dirty car that "bugs" you each time you get inside. Possibly it might be the broken or chipped lip of the mug on your desk (what the heck -- you can always drink out of the other side of the lip … right?).


In the life scheme of things the items that we tolerate are not huge or major items but they are the things that drain our energy. If time and time again you hear that door squeak and it gives you the "willies" (likes nails on a black board) you start to get a bit edgy. Or you have to put the mug back down again because you instinctively reached for it with your right hand but in order to avoid the chip you need to use your left hand.


These things happening over and over again drain us AND they take us off focus. Every time you deal with that mug you follow the right hand left hand "dance" with a mental conversation that goes something like this … "Darn, I need to be careful or I will cut my lip. Why am I keeping this old mug anyway? I should just throw it away and get another. I'll have to remember to bring a new one in tomorrow from home." All the while this mental conversation is going on you are not paying attention to what you should really be doing….which is taking energy away from something important. And tomorrow arrives and you do it all over again because you didn't bring in a new mug.


Try creating a list of things you tolerate. Once you become aware of the concept of toleration you will be surprised how many things end up on your list. Next choose one a week and eliminate that from the list. Some items like your dirty car, may reappear, that's OK -- but not an excuse for leaving it there. Clean the car and when (and if) it gets dirty again add it back to the list.


As you start to eliminate some of these items you will see how much more energy you have. When you walk out to that car and it is shining back at you you'll feel totally different -- uplifted!

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