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Get a Grip on Unpleasant Tasks

Because they have to get done


Unpleasant tasks can be tedious, demanding or just plain annoying – but they still need to get done. And they don't, somehow, seem to mysteriously go away. Here's some ideas for dealing with your unpleasant tasks:


First decide just what it is about the task that gets it labeled “unpleasant”. Think about the consequences of not getting it done or the pressure you place on yourself by waiting to the last moment to tackle it. Once you identify why the task is unpleasant you need to resolve to tackle it straight on ………. But how?


Begin by setting a deadline – even if it an imaginary deadline. Make sure, though, that the deadline is realistic and that it can be accomplished in that amount of time.


Once you have identified the unpleasant task and what makes it so take the task and break it into manageable parts. This is the old saying “you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time”. We can make headway daily towards the completion of the unpleasant task – we don't have to complete it in “one setting”.


Next resolve to tackle that task first thing. Getting something done towards that unpleasant task early in your day gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride. This is much better than going through the day dreading “that thing”. The emotional lift that will give you will be amazing.


Wherever possible and practical, get others to help you. Is there part of the task that someone else could handle – possibly even more effectively and efficiently than you could?


You might even want to build in a “reward system” to keep you moving forward. Like ……..if I finish XXX by Friday I will treat myself to XXX. This really works well – I use it with clients all the time.


Strategizing, chunking down, and tackling the task first and head on will help get you done in no time. GOOD LUCK

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