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When a disaster hits………

Would you be ready?


We never know when a disaster will hit …… from something as devastating as a hurricane to possibly a fire or an earthquake (and it seems as if we are having more and more such incidents of late). When one happens to you, will you be ready?


The American Red Cross states that only 10% of families in the United States have an emergency plan, a disaster kit, and training in first aid and CPR. That is a rather frightening statistic.


Being prepared with an emergency “Grab and Go Bag” could make a huge difference when the time comes. The American Red Cross has a prepacked kit for $99 (the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit) available on their web site – . Or you could make up your own using the following guidelines:


Grab-and-go Bag Contents:

ü Personal travel-size toiletries

ü Lightweight flashlight with batteries inserted

ü Extra pair of eyeglasses, if needed (an old pair works fine)

ü Whistle to signal for help

ü A few days of any prescription medicine (rotate frequently)

ü A bottle or two of water

ü High-protein, high-calorie energy food bars

ü A change of clothes

ü Small, soft comfort toy for each child (if appropriate)

ü Family photographs (current – one for each child and adult)


One Adult Should Also Carry:

ü Family first aid kit

ü Lightweight battery-powered radio

ü Extra set of car, home, and safe deposit box keys

ü Credit card and cash

ü Copies of essential documents Include birth certificates, tax returns for the past two years, copies of driver's licenses, passports, and social security cards and credit cards (copy both sides). Also include copies of deeds, vehicle titles, insurance policies, and appraisals of valuables (original documents should be in the safe deposit box).

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