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Fall is in the air

What changing colors can mean


Fall has finally arrived and with it will come the changing of the colors in the leaves on the trees. (Yes, you from the East, we Californians consider that “little bit” of color change in the leaves to constitute “Fall”.)


As much as we enjoy this beautifully scenic event (or not if you have to rake up all those colorful and falling leaves) they really can have a greater impact on our lives than just the enjoyment of the colors.


Color is a very important part of our lives. It can help us to be up to 40% more productive. Yes, that's right.


If you color code your forms, files, or folders you can immediately recognize in concept for which the form is to be used or what the folder contains. Blue folders are for rental customers and green folders are for sale customers, for example. Sure you still need to read the folder to determine exactly which customer the folder is for but if you know you want a rental customer you won't be looking at the green folders, will you?


Equally important is that you choose colors that make sense to you. Individual colors have a specific emotional impact on us that is different from the impact that they have on someone else. For me, for example, I color code my client files by marking the top tab of a manila file folder with yellow and green markers. Yellow because it is my favorite color as well as a bright happy color and green because it is the color of money and that is what my clients do for me. Using plain manila folders and color coding them with markers helps keep the costs down as well.


I reserve the more expensive solid file folders for more specific tasks. I use a solid yellow folder for my phone calls to be made because that is a bright shiny task that I get to do. I also use a solid red folder for my bills that need to be paid because that is a HOT project.


Experiment with colors in your life – besides being fun it can help you be more productive. Have fun!

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