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Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month


June each year is set aside as a time for entrepreneurs to find ways to stand out from the competition. To make success a matter of choice not chance.


In this busy hectic world we live in staying in contact with our clients and prospects becomes increasingly challenging. One thing we certainly don't have time to do is write handwritten notes to each of them. Notes that share things going on in your business – or more importantly, acknowledging something going on in their business and to thank them for their business. That is up until now!


Now you can send a personalized handwritten custom physical card to one or 100 with just the click of the mouse. You're asking yourself, did I read that right? YES you did!


I have discovered a very effective way to send physical cards to clients and friends I know – via the internet. All I have to do is log into the site, enter the address information of the individual I want to send a card to, choose from thousands of cards (business like to FUN and funky – all neatly organized into categories), add my personal message (from one of several fonts – including my own handwriting – in one of several colors) and hit “send”. The company then creates my personalized card (postcards available too), address the envelope, stuff the envelope, put a real stamp on it puts it in the mail – like magic the postal carrier delivers it a few days later.


Another really wonderful thing is that I can load the data base with all the contact that I regularly send cards too – like birthday cards. I can then identify the card I want sent, personalize it and then set the date I want it to be sent …….. from today to a date in the future. No more worries about forgetting someone's birthday or anniversary.


This is a great fun and easy tool for staying in contact with customers and prospects as you can set up campaigns where one particular card goes out to a select group of individuals with each one including a personal salutation – as if by magic. VERY efficient! And it has a higher impact on the recipient as it was sent “just for them” … not another e-mail with which to deal.


And here's the best part (if it can get any better) – all this convenience and personalization costs less than you think. All this without the time and gas spent going to the store.


If you would like to learn more about this powerful and FUN tool for building business relationships and acknowledging friendships log onto to send a card to someone important in your life – FREE , on me.


Here's to staying in touch the easy, modern, old fashion way!

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