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April is National Share a Smile Month

It is also National Stress Awareness Month.

Interesting how those two ended up in the same time frame … could it be that there is a direct link?


If you stop to think about it, if you are offering someone a smile your whole body really is more relaxed. You are feeling better about yourself. That might be in part due to the fact that it takes far fewer muscles to put a smile on your face that it does to frown.


A smile, like a hug (but that is another whole subject), is one of those things that is not any good until you give it away. And while you are giving one away and benefiting your own body's stress you are also reducing the stress of the individual that is lucky enough to be the recipient of your smile. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.


In addition to giving out smiles, have you given any thought to how you might put a “smile” in all that you do during a day. We all have things that we must accomplish -- some of which we like better than others. If you can make those “icky” tasks more fun it will take you less time and energy to accomplish them.


You might want to use colored paper, files or pens to do your task (using color, by the way, will allow you to find things 40% faster). Maybe the timing of a task could make a difference. If you did those “icky” things first and got them out of the way so you had only the “good” tasks to which to look forward. Doing it the other way around only weighs you down as you are dreading all those “icky” things. Maybe it is alternating the “good” and the “icky”.


Look at your day – how can you have more fun with it?

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